Founder & CEO

Lisa R. Straughter


Lisa R. Straughter is very passionate about caring for women that are less fortunate. She’s always asked the question what makes you think you can change the lives of women her response is "you’re looking at change". Lisa suffered for 2 1/2 weeks of her life being homeless and after 20+ years she finally listened to the masters voice to open up a home for homeless women, she didn’t have any resources nor did she know how to get started but following the voice of the Lord she made it happen. Lisa's only income was being minister of music at church and a singer at the funeral home. Lisa also relied on Social Security benefits for her and her son and that’s the way she opened and still yet runs her women’s center. She’s cried many times wondering how she was going to make it and still goes through her cries today but through it all God has blessed her thus far to keep the doors open. She challenges herself daily to make the best of what she has and is always thinking of things within her power to fund raise, she says by the grace of God she will work every day of her life to continue raising the bar to help those women that have no one else to lean on. When asked why she named the center The Meeting Place it’s because she knows personally that God will meet you right where you are.